New Beginnings, Strange Timing

I spent most of my day outside, thanks to the first 60-degree weather day in over 6 months.  It’s been a day filled with euphoria, reminiscing, and odd juxtapositions.

The first thing I did was go for a run with my old buddy, JP.  We ran / waddled on a trail that we hadn’t run on in nearly 4 years.  We even saw a deer in her usual spot, about 1/2 mile before the bridge.

My wife turned 29 years old today.  I got her a bike…something that is becoming the ubiquitous birthday present for people in our house.  She took Anna and Isaac on a bike ride around the neighborhood…where we have lived for almost exactly one year.

I went outside to rake leaves this afternoon, along with half of the ‘hood.  It’s strange how an early snow and a frigid winter can delay your traditions for over half a year.  I noticed one of our neighbors doing some yard work with her adult son.  Her husband, who had suffered from alzheimers for several years, died over the winter.  I can imagine how she was reconciling the notion of raking leaves in the spring…without Gordy.

I’m on my way to the wedding of my pastor (divorced 20+ years) and a man she met shortly after arriving in Des Moines (widowed 8 years).  I don’t know many people who get married in April…and fewer who are pastors at the time…and even FEWER who met online a year ago.  It’s an odd thing to be preparing for – just one of many joyously unexpected (boarderline out-of-place) aspects of my day.


3 Responses to New Beginnings, Strange Timing

  1. Bacca says:

    Umkah. Much better, not that I’m the goddess of Blogs or anything. No need to be funny as long as it’s interesting and it is my expert opinion that these 2 entries are far more interesting than any of the previous attemps over at NSD (and i’m being serious here not sarcastic)

    I would also like to comment that I think the way your pastor got married is probably the best way I have heard of yet. Can you imagine……if everyone in the world celebrated their marriage the way your pastor and her husband did. Think…if all the money spent on weddings was spent on something else…i.e. subsidized housing, healthcare, funding Barak Obama’s Presidential campaign, this country may be considerably more wonderful. Now think if all the time spent on wedding planning was spent sleeping, going for walks, catching up with an old friend…how much more enjoyable weddings would be. Just a thought

    On a completely different and more important note, New Kids on the Block have reunited. Finally, one of my dreams have come true. And they are so handsome now, really strapping middle aged men.

  2. godsnowhere says:

    I’m glad you approve, sis. I agree that our pastor’s wedding is exactly the way everyone should to it…within the context of the worship service with no fanfare or ridiculous “traditions”. I think everyone in attendance (including the couple) felt it was the most joyful celebration it could have possibly been…except for, maybe, if the NKOTB showed up and sang a little, “I’ll Be Lovin’ You (Forever)”!

  3. Houtsly says:

    …Step by Step.. ooo baby…
    Gonna get to you gurl..

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