Welcome to my World

After dabbling in the blogsphere intermittently for the past few months, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get my own blog. Naturally, the most difficult part of joining the blog establishment is coming up with a worthy name. I considered the boring route <erikullestad>…the silly route <bigredblog>…and the obscure route <mister-e>. None of them seemed to work.

Until…inspiration struck.

<godsnowhere> is my magnum opus (to quote Charlotte and her web) – my one great work. It sums up what I hope to tackle in the weeks and months to come. There are three ways to read this jumble of letters…and I’ll explain what each one means to me:

God’s Now Here – I tend to believe this about 90% of the time.

God’s Nowhere – This accounts for the other 10%

God Snow Here – I live in Iowa. It’s April 4. It snowed yesterday.

So it shall be from this time on and forever more – the uninteresting musings of a husband, father, Christ-follower, teacher, writer, musician, sinner, saint, sports junkie. Enjoy…


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