Extravaganza Workshops

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m really looking forward to the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza next week in New Orleans.  


One of the many awesome aspects of the “E” is the workshops led by Residential Theologians (aka – people in the trenches).  Here are the workshops that currently interest me the most:


Understanding Postmodernism and its Implications for Youth Ministry  – Jake Bouma    I’m biased.  Jake is a friend.  He’s a smart guy and is doing some cool applications of this topic at the church he’s at.


Using Minimalist Theater to Liven Youth Ministry – Bridget Delaney    I’m a person who has always gotten more out of a story if I act it out…but it seems to fall flat when I try to apply it with young people.  Hopefully Bridget can help me out.


Bible on the Brain – Angie Larson    Another obvious bias.  Angie is a friend who has been doing a ton of study on how the adolescent brain works.  She’s one of those people who “gets it”, and is good about explaining brain-stuff to church folk.


Book of Faith – Panel of Synod Staff    I’ve waded in the waters of the BoF initiative, but haven’t completely jumped in.  Hopefully hearing more about how to use the Book of Faith stuff in youth ministry will give me the necessary nudge.


Youth Ministry 2.0 – Nathan Frambach & Vision 2.0 Team    Let’s face it…Frambach could do an entire weekend on “The Art of Bathroom Cleaning” and I would attend.  He’s a genius, but not a know-it-all.  He’s the kind of guy I would like to hang out with (if only I had cool spikey hair and had a little more “game”, theologically speaking).


Exemplary Youth Ministry: from Theory to Practice – Susan Miller & Jo Mueller    I went to a Luther Seminary Kairos course in 2007 that focused on the Exemplar Youth Ministry study.  It blew me away.  Applying the data has been difficult for me, though.  Maybe these ladies can help bridge the gap of theory and practice.


Preparing Powerful Presentations – Michael Sladek    I sometimes pretend to be tech-savvy, but I’m really not.  My Power Point presentations, on the whole, suck.  Michael is super-creative and has a lot of knowledge on how to apply tech-stuff to youth ministry settings.


Frankly, I think this is the most solid line-up of Extravaganza workshops I’ve seen in years.  I could easily make the case for another 10+ workshops…but these are the ones that jumped out at me.  I can’t wait!!!


One Response to Extravaganza Workshops

  1. Thanks for highlighting my workshop! I am not worthy… I am not worthy… Man, this means I really gotta get cracking on some prep 🙂

    All of us on the Extravaganza planning team would like to thank you for taking the time to prepare yourself before you arrive, and for sharing your thoughts with your corner of the world.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

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