Tetris Friends

Ever since my buddy Jason Hunemuller showed me how to program Tetris onto my TI-85 calculator in high school, I have been a bit of a Tetris addict.  My love-affair with the game is sporadic.  I’ll go months or even years without playing…but once I get the urge, I become consumed.  

Recently I was at the Apple Store and saw a reasonably-priced copy of Tetris for Mac.  I almost bought it, but then I reminded myself about the year of living simply.  Instead of dropping $20 on the game, I started poking around free Tetris sites on-line.  The one I like best right now is called Tetris Friends.  Check it out sometime, if you’re so inclined.

(For those of you who are competitive, my best effort to date is Level 16 and 220,632 points.)



*** UPDATE ***  Just set a few new records — level 16; 234,877 points; 157 lines.  All for now.  Done with my “lunch break”.


6 Responses to Tetris Friends

  1. Seth says:

    Gotta love zTetris. Spent many bus rides/english/spanish/calculus/etc. classes playing it.

    Have you checked out Tetris Friends in Facebook? Very cool, links you with your friends in facebook, you can challenge and all the rest!

  2. Erik says:

    Thanks for the tip, Seth. I’ve added the Tetris Friends app to my Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

  3. scott schaffer says:


  4. Kara says:

    Not to be Debbie Downer, BUT I can’t resist. I. LOATH. TETRIS. I have tried to like it, because my big brother was such a fan, but there are somethings that I will always be so bad at (golf) that just can’t be enjoyable for me. I prefer much more mind stimulating games such as Bejeweled. It is so choice, if you have the means, I highly recommend downloading it. http://www.realarcade.com/game/bejeweledr/#

  5. knock says:

    I so remember you and Matt B playing tetris on your calculators…..Good times, good times

  6. Jason H says:

    glad to see i had such an important impact on your life. i used to beat you at tetris. i guess the student has become the master.

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