Oops, My Bad

Don’t you just love the feeling of a prediction coming true?  Hidden in the fine print of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs must be the “I Told You So” corollary.  A lot of this has to do with our own insecurities of being *gasp* wrong.  We all know people who will brag endlessly over something they correctly anticipated…even something as insignificant or random as, “I betcha gas prices will go up next week.”

So what happens when you’re a national sports writer?  Their job in covering the world of sports is to be salacious enough to pique reader interest, but solid enough to make salient points.  Thanks to the folks at Real Clear Sports, we have a list of the Top 10 Erroneous Sports Columns of 2008.

  1. The Patriots will win the Super Bowl (they lost to the Giants)
  2. The Mets won’t collapse again (they did)
  3. The Rays won’t make the playoffs (they made it to the World Series)
  4. The Falcons screwed up picking Matt Ryan #3 (he’s the offensive rookie of the year)
  5. The Lakers will win the NBA title (they lost to the Celtics)
  6. Donovan McNabb’s time in Philadelphia is over (he’s in the playoffs)
  7. Kobe Bryant won’t win the MVP (he won it easily)
  8. Drew Brees will break Dan Marino’s passing record (he was 15 yards short)
  9. World Series will be an all-time “classic” (it sucked)
  10. Tony Romo’s broken finger will actually help the Cowboys (they sucked)

The good news (or Good News) is that even people who say stupid things about other people can be forgiven.


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