Toothless Anna

We had a milestone yesterday – our oldest child lost her first tooth.  Anna was a bit reluctant to let anyone pull it out…and then Grandma Diane came for the Christmas Program at church.  Once she got a look at Anna’s tooth dangling out of her mouth, it was all over.  Furthermore, since this was done at church, Anna proceeded to show everyone in fellowship hall her tooth.  Here are a couple of pics, in case you feel left out…














Here’s the problem.  She literally LOST the tooth.  If you’ve been around the church after a Christmas Program, it resembles pigs being taken to the slaughterhouse.  The kids (pigs) are running around, trying to avoid getting captured by their parents (farmer).  If captured, these messy little creatures will be forced to put on their coat and be strapped into the car.  The kids almost always have a cookie in each hand (usually there’s more frosting than cookie), a red juice mustache, and crumbs all over their face and clothes.  It’s chaotic.  


Which gets be back to the lost tooth.  Somewhere, amidst the chaos of being parents of three little ones AND wearing my youth minister “hat”, Anna’s tooth (which was in a large ziploc baggie) got misplaced.  We’re going to look diligently for it today.  If we can’t find it by bedtime tonight, she’ll write a note to the tooth fairy explaining what happened.  I hope the tooth fairy is gracious to her.  


Speaking of that winged bone collector, I’m told that she’s been giving Anna’s friends $2-3 for each tooth.  I guess the tooth fairy business is the one enterprise that hasn’t been impacted by “these tough economic times”.  (She must be a union gal…)


Here’s a cute pic of Evan and a couple of his nursery buddies randomly playing / banging on the piano last Wednesday night during our Akaloo meal.  All the parents were doing other things, and looked up to realize all 3 kids had simultaneously wandered over to the piano.



2 Responses to Toothless Anna

  1. Kara says:

    It seems that most pictures of Evan include a huge way cute smile and a few pieces of hair sticking up. Very adorable. As for the Anna pictures, I think I’ve already shared what I think about them.

    Has the toof fairey visited with the $50 in cash yet?

  2. Erik says:

    That’s because Evan looks that way 90% of the time. We haven’t figured out a way to tame his hair, other than a little “product”, which just looks goofy.

    The TF brought $1 for each tooth. She decided to put one of the dollars in the offering plate tonight, and spend the other one at the Dollar Tree store. (We haven’t explained sales tax to her yet.)

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