Christmas Songs

Having survived the controlled chaos of the church Christmas Program earlier today – and since today is the 4th and final Sunday in Advent – I figured it’s time to unearth some of my favorite Christmas songs.  (At least the ones I could find on YouTube.)

Oh Holy Night

One of my earliest Christmas memories was hearing my mom sing this song on Christmas Eve at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Hudson, IA.  She sang so beautifully, and I remember asking her to sing it all the time in the days that followed.  Too bad there were no iPods back then…

Here’s a classic Josh Groban version

And a powerful, contemporary, over-the-top Gaither rendition by David Phelps…I love listening to his amazing voice (though this particular rendition is a little too syrupy for me, especially for the first 1:00).

The First Noel

Another childhood reference…  My parents had a sign they would hang near the kitchen with the letter “L” in ano-sign “no sign”.  Kinda corny, and it made me really confused for years and years.  “Why is the letter L such a no-no at Christmastime?  Is it like saying “Alleluia” in Lent?  Is the L silent?”

(I still think Luther College did it better in 2001…but I can’t figure out how to post it…yet!)

Ave Maria

Though not a Christmas song per se (my Catholic friends might disagree), this was the first Wartburg Choir recording that I fell in love with – 1993 Carnegie Hall.  I even tried to pull together a little boy-band my freshman year to sing this song.  We did it once…and weren’t asked back again.  Probably with good reason.  This is a solid recording…nobody does it better than Chanticleer!

(I love the guy with the crazy handlebars!)

Adeste Fideles

No Christmas song list is complete without this classic – especially served up by Pav.

I still marvel at his ability to out-sing a choir and orchestra…yet he still needs to look at the music.

The Christmas Song

Only worth listening to if Nat King Cole is singing, in my opinion.  Apparently Nat was a chain smoker…something I would start doing in a heartbeat if my pipes could sound that rich and leathery.  The video is lame, but the audio is all that matters.

Christmas Eve – Sarajevo 12/24

Most people know this as the song that gets synchronized to all the Christmas lights displays.  Here’s a live recording, complete with a powerful prose recitation at the beginning.  Music starts at 2:35.

If you prefer better audio, with the lights stuff, here it is.

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

I wish it were so…

Do you have some faves that I didn’t list?


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