Snow Day

It’s snowing today.  It was 50 degrees at 9:30 am on Sunday.  By night, the wind chill was -20.  Tuesday it started snowing.  It’s supposed to snow all day.  By my count, it’s the 3rd snowfall in the last 2 weeks.  All of this wintry weather reminds me of the song, “In the Bleak Midwinter”.


in the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan

earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone

snow had fallen snow on snow; snow on snow

in the bleak midwinter long ago.


I’m a fan of Christina Rossetti’s texts, as well as Gustav Holst’s hymn tunes.  However, this is just one of many unintentionally nefarious Christmas songs that cause me to ask lots of questions.

Was Jesus really born in the winter time?

Why was it such a bleak time of year? 

Did it snow in Bethlehem?  Was the ground frozen?

Maybe global warming really has taken over the West Bank.  (Temps in Bethlehem are in the mid-60’s for this week and next.)  If it was so cold, why were the shepherds out in the fields keeping watch over their flock by night?  


I’m so confused!


3 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Laura says:

    Jesus was actually born in the spring right? And then in the 15th century or something like that, the Pope declared Dec. 25 as Christmas because it lined up with the pagan festival of solstice? I think that’s the version I heard.
    Are you being sarcastic in this post, because you are a lot smarter than I am, and I’m sure you know the answer to your questions. Right??

  2. Erik says:

    Yes – sarcasm abounds. I’ve heard lots of versions of how people settled on December 25 as a Christmas date, including the one you reference, Laura. Most of the credible stories indicate that 12/25 is probably not Jesus’ birthday.

  3. Laura says:

    Okay, now I feel dumb for even trying to answer your fake ponderings.

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