College Bowl Season

I’m getting ready for my second college bowl game season without cable.  Since most of the games are on ESPN, I will either have to follow them online, or find a local sports bar to take in the action.  At least I’ll be at my parent’s house for most of the January bowl games, so I can watch it in “stunning HD”.  

I made my picks for each of the bowl games.  They are listed in order of how confident I am about them:

Texas d. Ohio St.

Iowa d. South Carolina

Texas Tech d. Mississippi

Kansas d. Minnesota

Oklahoma St. d. Oregon

East Carolina d. Kentucky

Alabama d. Utah

South Florida d. Memphis

Florida St. d. Wisconsin

Oklahoma d. Florida

Western Michigan d. Rice

Ball State d. Tulsa

Buffalo d. Connecticut

Fresno State d. Colorado State

Notre Dame d. Hawaii

Maryland d. Nevada

BYU d. Arizona

Virginia Tech d. Cincinnati 

Pittsburgh d. Oregon St.

Nebraska d. Clemson

Northwestern d. Missouri

Boston College d. Vanderbilt

West Virginia d. North Carolina

Central Michigan d. Florida Atlantic

N.C. State d. Rutgers

Wake Forest d. Navy

Northern Illinois d. Louisiana Tech

Air Force d. Houston

Southern Miss d. Troy

Georgia d. Michigan State

Miami (FL) d. California

USC d. Penn State

TCU d. Boise State

Georgia Tech d. LSU

I’m clearly a Midwest homer.  There’s really no method to my picks.  Click here to join the College Bowl Pick’em group I’m in.  The top prize is a $100 iTunes gift card.


3 Responses to College Bowl Season

  1. Kara says:

    Does d. mean defeat?

  2. Erik says:

    Yes. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used sports-jock abbreviations…

  3. Kara says:

    I’m sure you’ll be more thoughtful next time 🙂

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