The Great Emergence

It seems that several members of the Emerging Church community are falling in love with Phyllis Tickle’s new book, “The Great Emergence”.  Since I am intrigued by the Emerging Church conversation – and because I’m still a little bummed that I didn’t make it to the event in Memphis last week – I figured it’s time to read the book.  

The Great Emergence


My goal is, starting tomorrow, to read a chapter each day for the next week.  As a way of channeling my thoughts, I will attempt post some of my reflections about each chapter in this space.  You’re welcome to come along for the ride.  You can order it online.  I bought my copy at Borders in West Des Moines.  My guess is that most bookstores will have it in stock.


4 Responses to The Great Emergence

  1. Justin Rimbo says:

    Dude, good luck taking that beast one chapter at a time. I both needed to stop every few paragraphs, and wanted to keep reading it forever. The lady ain’t stupid, that’s for sure.

    I’ll be glad to discuss it here. I’ve finished the book, but it’s still on my bedside table.

  2. Erik says:

    Good to know that TGR has the Rimbosity stamp of approval! Maybe I need to allow myself 2 days for each chapter, eh? I’m not much of a book reader (lots of periodicals), so this will be a good endurance test. Thanks for stopping by, JR.

  3. Nic Paton says:

    Hey Erik
    Thanks for commenting on my blogs – I have replied to you an EV.

    I like the idea of studying TGE together, alas however, the book will take a few weeks to get to me in South Africa.

    Have you got scandanavian ties?

  4. Erik says:


    My name is Norwegian, but I am actually around a 50/50 split of Norsk & German.

    I’ve read only the first chapter of TGE thus far…though it’s a short book, it’s weighty. My guess is you’ll be able to catch up with me pretty quickly!

    BTW – Nic wrote an excellent article called “So Long Solas?“…you should check it out!

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