Darfur Meets the Sims

A friend passed along this simulation game to me earlier today.  Isaac and I had a good time playing it…and a heart-warming exchange followed.  

Isaac:  Dad, it seems really dangerous for people to get water in this game.  Why don’t they live in houses that have sinks like we do?

Me:  Because these people were born in a different part of the world.  Lots of people are dying in Darfur because they don’t have enough food or water.

Isaac:  Well, that’s not fair.  We have lots of food and water over here.  Maybe we could share some of that with the people who don’t have any.

Sometimes I wish we could all see the world through the eyes of a 4-year old.


One Response to Darfur Meets the Sims

  1. Jake says:

    I love it.

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