Muchas Gracias

Thank you, faithful readers, for making this humble blog #95 on the WordPress Blogs of the Day – Growing Blogs list.  I have no idea what it means…but it’s kinda cool to be on a list that doesn’t involve unemployment, bankruptcy, OWI, or communicable diseases.  

It also reminds me to pay tribute to the greatest #95 of all time – Richard Lamar Dent.


6 Responses to Muchas Gracias

  1. Kara says:

    Is that “the fridge?”

  2. Erik says:

    KARA – the Fridge was #72 – William Perry. Richard Dent was the best defensive end in football…at least in the 1980s. It’s an easy mistake to make. Just don’t make it again!

  3. godwillsaveus says:

    Another “Famous 95”

  4. Erik says:

    Well played, Mr. Houts!

  5. Denise Zim says:

    Have you been on lists related to any of those other things??? 🙂

  6. Erik says:

    Not since I moved back to Iowa, Denise.

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