Used To Be

I ran across Lost And Found’s “Early Years” boxed set earlier tonight and unearthed this forgotten treasure:


Superman was killed in Dallas.  

There’s no love left in the palace.  

Someone took the Beatles lead guitar.  

Have another Chevis Regal.  

You’re 12 years old and sex is legal.  

Your parents don’t know where or who you are.


It used to be the hero of the ballgame would take the time to shake the loser’s hand.  

It used to be that failure meant you didn’t try in a world where people gave a damn.


Great big wars in little places.  

Look at all those frightened faces.  

But don’t come here, we just ain’t got the room.  

Love they neighbor’s wife and daughter.  

You cleanse your life with holy water.  

We don’t need to bathe we’ve got perfume.


It used to be a knight in shining armor didn’t have to own a shiny car.  

Dignity and courage were a measure of a man, and not the drugs he needs to hide his scars.


Can your teacher read and does your preacher pray and does your President have soul?  

Have you heard a real good ethnic joke today? 

Mommy took her speed and Daddy ran away, but you mustn’t lose control.  

They say the kids are wild we just can’t tame ’em, but do we have a right to blame ’em?


We’ve fed them all our indecision and we’ve raped their minds with television.  

But what the hell, they’re too young to feel pain.


But I believe that love can save tomorrow.

And I believe that truth will make us free.

Someone tried to say it, and we nailed him to a cross.

I guess it’s still the way it used to be…


They sang it at Church Youth Fest a few weeks ago…I forgot how much that song means to me.  Now I can’t get it out of my head.  “Used to Be” and “Goodbye” are currently the two songs that have the best chance of making me weep these days.  As always, I remain grateful for the music and ministry of Mike & George.


***UPDATE***  Here a recording…the visual quality is a little like an acid-trip, but the audio is decent.  It the only thing I could find…


4 Responses to Used To Be

  1. Don Heatley says:

    Great lyrics. How can I get a copy of the song. I can’t find it on iTunes

  2. Erik says:

    Tough call, Don. The Early Years boxed set is, to my knowledge, the lone digital copy of Lost And Found’s old tapes and vinyl albums. Maybe Troy can hook you up with that song, if you’re not interested in dropping $50 for The Early Years.

    There is a barely adequate recording of this on YouTube.

    However, there is this interesting comment from the guy who co-wrote the song:

    “Just came across the video of “Used To Be”. I’m Ken Hirsch co-writer of the song with Ron Miller. I enjoyed the version, especially on accoustic guitar. It was the follow-up to another one of our songs, Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been To Me” but was a bit too controversial back then to get enough airplay. Btw, Ron Miller was also the co-writer of “For Once In My Life” and we co-wrote the song “If I Could”. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the song enough to cover it. Keep up the good work.”

  3. scott schaffer says:

    I love this song!

  4. scott schaffer says:

    I remembered that you could also find this song on Lost and Found – Sikkibahm

    i saw it on for $3


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