Single Issue Christian

If you followed the presidential election circus, you likely heard pundits talk about “single-issue voters”.  Often times, for Christians, the single issues that get the most traction have to do with abortion and gay marriage.  Tony Campolo, my favorite Baptist, appears to be a single-issue Christian…but on a decidedly different topic:


The fact is there are 2,000 verses of scripture that talk about caring for the poor.  I don’t care what else you’re into, but if you ignore what the Bible is really about – helping poor and oppressed people – you’ve missed the message of Jesus.


The only description that Jesus gives of judgment day is how we treated the poor.  On that day, he’s not going to ask you theological questions.  It’s not going to be, “Virgin Birth: strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree.”  Here’s what it’s going to be – the 25th chapter of Matthew.  “I was hungry…did you feed me?  I was naked…did you clothe me?  I was sick…did you care for me?  I was an alien…did you take me in?  What you failed to do to the least of these, you failed to do unto me.  Because I’m not up in the sky somewhere, I’m waiting to be loved in people who hurt.  When you relate to people who hurt, you’re related to me.”


There is no Christianity that doesn’t tie us up with the poor and the oppressed of the world.


More from Dr. Campolo:


One Response to Single Issue Christian

  1. Laura says:

    Good timing on this post. That Bible passage was today’s Gospel. But, I’m sure you knew that…

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