Ethnic Lutheran Groupings

Am I anti-ELCA or (worse) racist if I agree with this article?


2 Responses to Ethnic Lutheran Groupings

  1. I wouldn’t call you either. You simply agreeing with what an outsider sees as a problem within the ELCA.

    I think you can embrace your heritage while being inclusive, but what it seems is happening to the ELCA is that they are being inclusive to the point that they are losing their heritage and quite possibly theological distinction. At least that is how I see it being outside the ELCA.

    It would be like a Reformed person being anti-Calvin and anti-Dutch in an attempt to invite others in.

  2. Kara says:

    I like that they used the word “menagerie.” Not sure when I’ve ever heard that word used. Maybe on some Faery Tale Theatre? I giggled.

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