Xmas Holidays

A local radio station started its 24-7 onslaught of Christmas music on Saturday.  Allison and I spent 10 minutes looking for a parking spot at the overcrowded mall this weekend.  I’ve already been hit up by two Boy Scouts to buy holiday wreaths.  Suffice it to say, the Christmas season is upon us…to which I say “Bah Humbug!”

This is the part where a predictable person would go on a rant about the evils of an increasingly consumeristic and secularized holiday and other crap.  You’re not interested in that.  However, if there’s one thing about this whole holiday season that drives me bonkers, it’s Christians.

Let me clarify…not all Christians ruin Christmas for me…just some of them.  In particular, the Christians who get their underwear in a wad because some people choose to say “Happy Holidays” or write “Merry Xmas”.  Apparently there are some (many) who think that the heathens are, once again, out to get Christians (the largest religious group in the country) and “take the Christ out of Christmas”.  

Perhaps people would be wise to consider that the symbol “X” is actually a centuries-old designation for “Christ”.  Or that if a stranger wishes you a Happy Holidays, it might be because they are trying to be respectful of the fact that they don’t know if you do Christmas…or Hanukkah…or Kwanza…or none of the above.  Just because you are myopically Christian doesn’t mean the guy bagging your groceries is…or, more importantly, if he wishes you anything other than a Merry Christmas it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not a Christian.  Cut the dude some slack!

Every year, I’ll catch myself committing the unforgivable sin of wishing somebody a Happy Holidays or a Seasons Greetings…and then have the other person snap back “Merry CHRISTmas”, as though to prove a point that all the B.S. that surrounds the month of December actually has something to do with believing in Jesus.

Here’s a thought – if you want to honor your personal Lord and Saviour (sic), don’t buy any more lame presents, but instead, give a gift to charity in honor of your loved ones.  

ELCA Good Gifts

Do you really think that Jesus wants you to buy more junk for people that already have a surplus of surplus?  If it’s really “the thought that counts” then think of something worthwhile and meaningful.  Don’t spend hundreds of dollars and hours of stress decorating your house – buy a bunch of food, take it to the homeless shelter, and serve it to people who don’t have anything to eat.  

Ugh…I’m all worked up into a lather now…and I ended up in the predictable place I said I wouldn’t go.  I guess I’m just not ready to celebrate Christmas at the end of Pentecost and throughout Advent.  *sigh*

This guy appears pretty goofy, but I think his approach makes a lot more sense than the way most Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.  

Also, if you are anti-Xmas, consider giving this a read.


2 Responses to Xmas Holidays

  1. Kara says:

    Unfortunatley for the boy scouts…..the things they sell suck in comparison to their female counterparts. People get excited about girl scout cookies and even though they are way over priced I would say a person is more likely to buy those than a wreath or popcorn. Seriously…what is special about popcorn? Or grass hot glued together in the shape of a circle. Just a thought.

    So…the point of your blog is to tell me to not buy the authentic sword for isaac that he wants…but instead help poor people. I think not 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    Mmmmm….I’ll take 3 boxes of Caramel Delights, please. FYI, I just got my wreath from a student who is a boy scout…on Nov. 18…it will be in my garage until Dec. 1, and will probably be brown by then….”tis the season to be merry.” “hey, that’s my name!”

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