I’ve really enjoyed the accountability and virtual fellowship that comes with participating in Brandon Barker‘s “Great Blogoff“.  However, much like Kramer in “The Contest” episode of Seinfeld — “I’M OUT!”

I have a couple of huge projects looming over my head.  For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to muster the focus and motivation necessary to meet the deadlines.  So, I’ve decided that until I finish the Sunday School curriculum project, I’m going to refrain from blogging.  This kills me, because I’m narcissistic enough to think that I’m letting down tens of loyal readers.  However, for the good of the church and the big publishing company that is paying for the new car I’m eventually going to buy, I need to get the shizzle done.

The way I figure it, I need about 20-25 hours to finish the job.  That means by Monday or Tuesday I’ll be back in full effect, y’all.


3 Responses to Sabbatical

  1. Dude, no sweat. The idea is to help people stretch their blogging muscles, which you clearly did. It isn’t a competition. Enjoy the rest of your month.

  2. Tim says:

    Sounds like a wise decision.
    Happy writing and will catch you later.

  3. scott schaffer says:

    you will be missed – see you later

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