Weekend Grumblings

Anyone who spends more than 2-3 hours with me will discover that I am a bit of a complainer.  I don’t want to be…but I am.  This is not to be confused with pessimism, however.  I’ve been training myself to try to put the best possible construction on people and situations; to not let stupid stuff bother me.  For the most part, it’s been going well. 

I spent the weekend with group of 10 high school students and my wife at a great event called “Church Youth Fest” at Luther College.  The event is almost entirely planned and run by Luther students.  Their remarkable organization was evident in almost everything they did.  Worship was excellent…speakers were solid…musicians were phenomenal…workshops were fantastic…meals rocked.  

CYF Shirt

There was really very little to complain about.  That said, here were my gripes from the weekend:



  • Luther removed the circle-drive that went by the student union and Center for Faith and Life.  No more awkward parking scenarios or driving through campus off of Leif Erickson Drive
  • Kids who think that “meet me at the gym at 3:30” really means “go hang out in the student union until 4:15”
  • College students who think it’s fun to wake up people by singing the same goofy song for 15 minutes at the top of your lungs.
  • Being the last person in the pizza line and being told “just one piece, please” when there are literally 20 boxes of extra pizza sitting on the table…then going back 10 minutes later for another piece, only to find that the college students absconded with the remaining pizza
  • Lost And Found no longer make an audio recording of their concerts for people to purchase
  • AT&T wireless has no service in Decorah…a college town
  • On the day of home football games, the Luther cafeteria (which oversees the field) doubles as the press box / coaches box…even when there’s a 1:00 kick-off and people are still eating
  • Adult men who are 6’5″ and 200 pounds that need to prove their worth by dominating a casual late-night game of volleyball
  • Penguins


Like I said, it was a truly great weekend.  Thanks to the people who put on the event, as well as my gratitude for the awesome kids who came in the WHLC vans.  You’re a joy to be around!  Thanks for indulging me in a little grumbling…


One Response to Weekend Grumblings

  1. Julie says:

    Penguins. Haha second that. We now have a 4-foot tall cardboard one gracing our youth room.

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