Old Meets New

It’s Day 1 of the Great Blog-Off, and I have been without wi-fi all day.  However, I managed to sneak into a computer (don’t ask, don’t tell) so I could write…which means I have 24 minutes to finish this blog post before it’s “tomorrow”.

Today was a day filled with nostalgia.  I spent the morning and afternoon at a junior high event at Wartburg College – my alma mater.  I remember attending that event when I was young, helping with the event when I was a student there, and now bringing youth from my congregation to the event as an “adult”.  Almost no building on campus is the same today as it was when I attended my first Junior High Day.  Even though I was “back home”, it felt strangely foreign.

(For what it’s worth, the Campus Ministry / Church Relations team did a great job putting the event together.  The comments I heard from kids ranged from, “it didn’t suck” to “way better than I thought”.  Considering this was a “required” part of their Confirmation instruction, I’ll take that feedback as positive.)

Later in the day, we headed to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls – the church I attended from 4th – 9th grade.  I affirmed my baptism at that church…and promptly transfered to a different church across town.  (Long story – I’ll share it some other time.)  Needless to say, this was the most amount of time I had spent in this church in 15 years.  A lot of things are the same – the replica boat hanging from the ceiling of the sanctuary, the location of the silverware in the kitchen, the basement drinking fountain that chronically overshoots the drain basin, many of the same people are teaching Sunday School, etc.  There are also some new aspects which are refreshing – several people I grew up with have remained part of the church and have assumed leadership roles in the congregation, the pipe organ is different, and they added a storage garage on the southwest end of the property.

It’s been an erie day…and I’m very tired from it.  I can only pray for good rest tonight.

Some other things that remained unchanged:

  • Wartburg beat Luther in football
  • Iowa and Iowa State both suck
  • 8th grade youth are both tired and hyper at the wrong times of the day
  • There are some things that can’t be solved with Mtn. Dew
  • My parents are good people
  • My confirmation picture displayed in the narthex is still awkward
  • Talking about sex with teens can be hilarious
  • I miss my family when I’m away

Whew!  It’s 11:54…just made it.  Blog at ya tomorrow.


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