This appears to be my 100th blog entry since I started this humble little experiment in April.  Here are the 7 highlights of my 7 months of blogging:

  1. An insane stretch of spring weather that flattened the town of Parkersburg and messed up our backyard.
  2. A less-than-impressive fourth running of the Dam to Dam.
  3. Pilgrimages to Jackson, MS and Mexico City with people from church.
  4. A surprisingly enjoyable Olympic Games in Beijing that changed my bedtime to 3:00 am for two weeks.
  5. New Beginnings for Anna (Kindergarten), Isaac (Pre-school), and Allison (working full-time outside the home).
  6. An unexpected forray into politics, culminating with a Messiah sighting in Denver. (For my conservative friends, that was supposed to be a joke…)
  7. An enlightening entry into the realm of the Emergent church conversation

I know some people can pound out 100 blog posts in two days (Andrew Sullivan)…and I know that boasting an average of 30 hits per day isn’t anything to write home about – but I’ve really enjoyed using this medium of expression.  It’s a good outlet for some of my thoughts and experiences.  It also lets me dabble in something that I would really love to do as my “real job” (writing) at some point…which is, likely, a pipe dream, but it at least keeps me in the mix.

In the coming months I hope to:

  • Turn the Youth Auction page into an eBook
  • Flesh out some of my thoughts about the Emerging church movement within the ELCA
  • Offer my thoughts on the start of the NBA season – “Where Amazing Happens”
  • Toy with renaming the site to something a little easier to understand
  • Reach #200 in fewer than 7 months
  • Remain gainfully employed
  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Not turn 30 years old

Thanks for your ongoing readership.  Tell your friends…


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