“Kansas City Here I Come”

In a few hours I’ll be headed to Kansas City in the hopes of reclaiming Paul.  I’m not sure what this reclamation project entails, but I’m told it involves “Nazarenes“, “Emergents“, and, if I’m lucky, some late-night reconnaissance at a Waffle House.  This is my first continuing education event that has not been Lutheran-sanctioned.  I’m not sure what that means…but for all I know, I might return in three days with the “gift of tongues” after being re-baptized and taking a vow of chastity.

(At least that’s what I was told would happen if I set foot on non-Lutheran seminaries.)

Speaking of “reclaiming Paul” – the choir director at my alma mater, Dr. Paul Torkelson, announced his resignation after 25 years.  He had recently been working at Carnegie Hall as part of a “one year leave of absence”, but decided to just stay out there permanently.  I can say nothing positive about the man, so I will simply say that I’m happy for the college and I wish him well.


2 Responses to “Kansas City Here I Come”

  1. Laura says:

    I did my part and sent a message to some choir friends on facebook….

  2. […]  Also, Jake Bouma has some kind of audio streaming going  here.  he  also has a post that lists who’s  blogging/twittering.  He  said  he’s not sure about the  quality but I’d give it a go.  He’s sitting pretty close and the  room is amplified well.  Also, check out my new friend, Erik  Ullestad’s blog “godisnowhere”. […]

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