Youth Auction, Part 4

Youth Auction, Part 1

Youth Auction, Part 2

Youth Auction, Part 3

A few things you’ll want to do before closing the books on your Youth Auction

  • Publish a list of all the Auction results in several places around the church.  Do NOT include price in the listing.
  • Thank the congregation for their support in church publications.  Include total amount of money raised in these recaps.
  • Follow up with all of the donors after 1 month to make sure the winning bidder has contacted them to redeem their prize.

The challenge with ANY event is to not wash your hands of it the moment everyone goes home.  It will be much easier to build on the success of your Youth Auction in future years if you do thorough follow-up with bidders and keep detailed records of what happened at the Auction.

I’m a big believer that, if you are going to subject yourself to the necessary evil known as church fundraisers, a Youth Auction is one of the best events you can do!  Feel free to comment on any of these articles if you have any questions or suggestions.


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