My Dad and Me

A couple of months ago, Allison came up with an idea for a new program through the WDM Parks & Rec department.  “My Dad and Me” was billed as a time for fathers to spend some quality time with their children – and other father / child combos – at Jester Park.  It was a Friday night through Saturday evening event.  Activities included campfire stuff, golfing on the par-3 course, horse wagon rides, and a variety of things for people to do on their own (paint gourds, hike, fish, etc.).

It was a good weekend.  There were 6 dads and 7 kids – a small but intimate group.  It was fun to get to know some of the other dads in town, and my kids LOVED running around with some new little friends their age.

Some of the more eventful aspects of the weekend included:

  • Isaac painting sticks with the other boys and playing Star Wars
  • Anna painting somewhere between 5 – 394 gourds
  • Sleeping on the ground, in a tent, in 45 degree weather
  • A couple of embers popping out of the fire and landing on Anna’s shirt (melting part of it!)
  • Both Anna & Isaac doing a nice job of golfing
  • Seeing a little girl (not in our group) get bitten in the face by a horse at the Equestrian Park

Allison did a nice recap on the City of WDM site.  Here are a few pictures I took with my new Blackberry Curve:


One Response to My Dad and Me

  1. Laura says:

    Okay, a couple things.
    You made me chuckle hard enough that a little snot came out of my nose when I read the horse comment.
    Second, I’m thinking about starting a blog for our Sunday School. I went to the wordpress website….what do they mean by having a webhost?
    do i have to pay to have a blog?
    tell me what you can.

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