Pres Debate #1

I enjoyed watching the McCain / Obama debate last night, despite my natural aversion to confrontation.  I would liken it to the great Ali / Frazier fights of the 1970s.  Ali (Obama) was the prettier and more polished fighter; dancing around the ring, landing his jabs and combination punches with seemingly little effort, and able to execute his pre-fight strategy to near perfection.  Frazier (McCain) was raw and aggressive, trying to end the fight with one powerful knock-out punch.  He would stand toe-to-toe with his opponent, taking Ali’s best shots and showing the resolve of a true warrior.  Everyone knew that Ali was the better fighter, but Frazier was able to hang with him and stun Ali with his strength and tenacity.

Overall, I give Debate #1 to Obama…but not by much.


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