New Phone Dilemma

I’m ready to upgrade my cell phone…I think.  I’ve been doing a lot of texting lately, which sucks with an old phone like the one I have.  I am also realizing how much more efficient my church work (and life in general) would be if I took fuller advantage of modern cell phone technology.  Initially, I was just going to get a phone with a qwerty keypad.  But then, while shopping at the Sprint store today, I found I can get a kickass Palm Blackberry phone for a little more money.  THEN, I found out that I can use that kickass phone to watch live TV, use turn-by-turn GPS, surf the Internet, do email, and practically bring about world peace.


Of course, I don’t need any of this…I could just as easily cancel my cell phone service and function like a normal person.  This is my neverending dilemma.  Do I upgrade my current Sprint phone…and my Sprint plan?  Do I make the leap to an iPhone?  Do I just leave well-enough alone?  Any thoughts???


3 Responses to New Phone Dilemma

  1. Erin says:

    upgrade….it is so worth it! i switched to a blackberry curve in early july and love love love it. so nice personally and professionally to have it all in one. i’m somewhat anti-apple, so i would encourage you to not get an i-phone. if you wait a little bit, t-mobile is coming out with a google phone that should be sweet.

  2. Erik says:

    UPDATE – I got a BlackBerry curve last night. Normally $579, but I got it for $99…and the monthly plan was about $20 less than the iPhone. It’s all synced up with my email and calendar, which is pretty sweet. So far, I love it!!!

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