Bill Simmons is a Copycat

Just read Bill Simmons’ excellent (repeat EXCELLENT) article on the gold medal basketball game that took place a few weeks ago.  Of course, the premise belongs to me, circa August 25, 2008.  In fact, he even stole my title (well, at least for his teaser on‘s homepage).  Too bad I didn’t get it copyrighted.  Anyway, Simmons’ article is significantly better than mine – it should be…he made an easy $10,00+ writing it, and it took him 3 weeks to post it.  The lesson, as always, stay tuned to <godsnowhere> for timely, hard-hitting analysis of the world around you.

More to come this weekend…


2 Responses to Bill Simmons is a Copycat

  1. Michael Peuse says:

    No worries. You can still throw him under the bus by communicating this piece of new to any media outlet that will willing to listen. Unfortunatly, it’s is likely they won’t listen to you as they the media will protect the integrity of their profession.

  2. Kara says:

    Way to end with a stolen Sports Guy line to emphasise you are better at his job than he.

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