First of Many

Anna came home with a sad little story from the halls of Crossroads Park elementary school.  Apparently a little girl came up to her and told her she had a “pig nose”.  Anna said she didn’t cry when the girl said that, and she wasn’t emotional when she told us the story either.  In fact, she mentioned it rather nonchalantly as we were hanging out after supper.  It sounds like another little girl piped up and said, “that’s not very nice!” to the satan’s spawn who made fun of Anna’s cute little nose.  Anna took it better than either Allison or I would have been able to.  This is the sucky part of watching your children grow up.  They’re a lot more independant and require less physical energy…but the emotional stuff can sometimes be a lot harder to stomach.

By all accounts the girl who called Anna a name could be a very sweet little girl who didn’t realize how she came across…but it was still hard to hear.  So, as any suburban parent would do, I’m going to find out who the little meanie is and sue her parents for emotional damages and defamation of physical appearance.  Then I’ll take the winnings and buy a boat and a house with a 5-car garage.


One Response to First of Many

  1. Laura says:

    That’s heartbreaking to me, the aunt!
    You’re right, these are the things that really hurt you as a parent.
    She’s got the cutest little nose I think!
    Make sure to tell me who the little devil is when you find out….I know people. 🙂

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