Double Standard

One of the reasons I have been largely apathetic and disinterested in politics my entire life is because I believe it to be an inherently corrupt system.  It is a machine of spin, backtracking, and covering your ass.  Double standards abound.  The only desire to be ethical is when you are trying to advance your career by signing an “ethics reform” bill.

Somehow, I got sucked in to the 2008 Presidential Election on January 2 – the night Barack Obama spoke at Hoover High School in Des Moines.  I went for two reasons…1) I wanted to see some friends who were coming down from Mason City, and 2) there was a rumor that Scarlett Johannson was going to be in attendance.  What I heard that night was refreshing and enlightening.  Sen. Obama talked about a government that would be transparent, honest, and work for people.  (The same words Sen. McCain used last night.)  It made me hopeful.

However, I’m starting to become skeptical in the abilities of one man (either Obama or McCain) to change a climate and a culture that is so filled with venom.  The political arena is a win-at-all-costs, sell-you-soul-to-the-devil kind of world.  I fear that these either two great men will get swallowed up by politics as usual; victims of the double standards that have been gestating in Washington for my lifetime and beyond.

So, my interest in politics will start to wane once again, now that the conventions are over.  I may tune in to the debates in a few weeks…but I probably won’t.  It’s time for me to re-invest my energy in organizations (churches, social work organizations, local schools) that aren’t as corrupt or filled with the kinds of poisonous people that are part of our political system.


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