Veep Musings

Marko, the head guy at Youth Specialties, often runs a feature called “Photo in Need of a Caption”…basically a picture that looks a bit odd and lends itself to some humorous faux-captions.  I thought this photo from fit the bill.  Feel free to offer any clever (and tactful) captions for this gem:

Historical Note – apparently this is the first time a President & Veep candidate have publicly embraced…ever.

I thought she nailed her speech and was the embodiment of confidence.  It’s clear that she’s the face of the new Republicans…someone that neo-conservatives can really get excited about.  She’s feisty, unashamedly hard-core conservative, pro-family, and easy on the eyes.  There was literally applause after every sentence she uttered.  This was a historic night for the Republicans.  That said, I also thought her speech was light on substance, a bit mean-spirited, and filled with factual inaccuracies.  Not much mention of policies or the things she stands for, but a lot of bashing “the opponent” (she only named “Senator Obama” once in the entire 37-minute speech).  Every time she started talking about her experiences or beliefs, she’d take a sharp turn and use it as an opportunity to take another shot at Obama’s character.

All in all, it was a power-packed night in St. Paul.  Looking forward to hearing what Senator McCain has to say tomorrow night.


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