Pray For Rain

An inspired call for Christians to pray for rain.  Not rain in portions of Africa that are ravaged by drought, causing dozens of people to die each day.  Instead, rain so that the baby-killing sodomites (aka “Democrats”) won’t enjoy their party.  Seems a little mean-spirited, don’t you think?

The weather was perfect on Thursday.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Assuming that Focus on the Family was able to get thousands of people to pray for rain, does that mean God doesn’t answer prayers?  Perhaps this will lead to a crisis of faith on behalf of Dr. Dobson’s cronies.  Or, maybe they will one day realize that there’s more to being a Christian than being opposing abortion and hating gay people.

More reflections on Thursday’s experience in the days to come…


3 Responses to Pray For Rain

  1. David says:

    Notice that it is the RNC that has been affected by the storms, not the DNC. When you pray to God to harm others, you might not like the answer.

  2. katieannhouts says:

    unbelievable. i wish this guy knew how ridiculous and just plain impolite he sounds. sheesh.

  3. katieannhouts says:

    p.s. always enjoy reading your blog!

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