What the Hillary?

I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan.  Much to the dismay of my Democratic family and friends, if she would have been the Democratic nominee, I would have put a John McCain out of spite.  I just couldn’t handle any more Clinton Family Drama, no matter how “qualified” she was.  Needless to say, I didn’t make an appointment to watch her speech at the DNC…but maybe I should have.

Here’s a written transcript, courtesy of Wall Street Journal blog.

This was a really, REALLY marvelous speech.  Regardless of a person’s politics, I think most people could agree that this hit all the correct topics (in the correct order), was humble and self-effacing, and even told a few tear-jerking stories.

I’m still an Independent…still leaning toward Obama…excited to see him speak in Invesco on Thursday night.  I leave at 9:00 tonight and plan to arrive in time for breakfast in the Mile High City.


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