Olympic Highlights

I’m sure in the weeks to come, NBC will allow me to purchase a DVD of the greatest Olympic moments from the 2008 Beijing Games for $39.99 (plus $14.99 S&H).  And since Dick Ebersol’s Special Ops Unit (read: interns) has effectively removed any Olympic footage from YouTube, I can’t link to my favorite moments from the last fortnight.  (NBC’s Olympic site has a pretty good collection of highlights, though.)  Regardless, in spite of that setback, I give you my Top 7 Favorite Olympic Moments:

1.  Men’s Swimming, 4 X 100 meter relay — also known as The Lezak Race

2.  Shawn Johnson — one gold and three silver…and goes to school in my ‘hood

3.  USA Men’s Basketball — the Redeem Team took care of business

4.  Women’s 10K Open Water Swim — Natalie du Toit from South Africa

5.  Ussain Bolt — this guy HAS to be on something illegal, right?

6.  USA Men’s Volleyball — big-time underdogs…had no business winning…bittersweet for the coach

7.  Women’s Beach Volleyball — yeah, they’re hot…but they’re also really REALLY good

Lots of other great moments.  I really enjoyed the Olympics…and stayed up way-too-late most nights to watch the drama unfold.  Thankfully football season is right around the corner!


One Response to Olympic Highlights

  1. Kara says:

    In regards to women’s beach volleyball…using the back of his hand on a player’s back instead of the suggested open palm ass-slap is said to be the greatest decision of George W. Bush’s presidency. Thoughts?

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