Historic Episcopate

I was humbled when my comments on jakebouma.com turned into an impromptu blog post of its own. Since Jake’s readership blows mine out of the water, I felt it necessary to rectify a lack of information I admitted about the Historic Episcopate. I’m confident that zero people really care about the nuances of this religious doctrine. However, it’s my duty as a Lutheran to find out.

The most helpful source was a 1999 Lutheran Magazine article that was written prior to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in August of that year. Seems to do a good job of balancing both sides of the argument, as it pertained to the Call to Common Mission (CCM) agreement with the Episcopalians.

Other helpful sites included:


LutherLink Meeting


And, for those who have made it this far…a gratuitous picture of my youngest son, Evan, up at Lake Okoboji this past weekend.


One Response to Historic Episcopate

  1. Kara says:

    do you have more pics from okaboj?

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