A Little Less Conversation…

Brian Jones thinks Christians spend too much time studying the Bible. I really like this post

Here are the comments I posted at the end of the blog:
1 – People…stop jumping to conclusions and reading things that aren’t there! Brian’s not advocating that we throw out scripture stop studying it all together. He’s just saying that there’s more to being a Christian than reading the Bible.

2 – Since when is scripture the ONLY way to encounter Jesus? The Bible that I read tells me that the way to encounter the risen Christ is through relationships with the poor, imprisoned, sick, homeless. (Matthew 25) The NT is filled with ways to be close to Jesus…and none of them mention dutifully studying the Bible.

3 – If people are passionate about truly studying the Bible, they will ultimately be compelled to get off their pious butts and “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly” with God.

This was particularly compelling for me in light of the Mexico immersion experience last week. I continue to wrestle with all that I saw and experienced.

Props to Jake Bouma for calling my attention to Jones’ blog…


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