The Global Banquet

Today we saw an interesting documentary called “The Global Banquet”, which takes a look at food security issues throughout the world.  I offer the notes I took without comment or editorializing from me…at this time.

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Bio-tech companies are copyrighting the various hybrids of seeds because they have developed the technology required to analyze the seed…despite the fact that the current form of the seeds in 3rd world countries have been developed over generations of family farmers.  The claim of the farmer is that you cannot copyright that which the land has given you.

Food is no longer something that is primarily used for feeding people…it’s primary purpose is as a commodity for global trade.

Food is being sold in the US below production cost.  US farmers are able to survive because of large government subsidies…and the bigger your farm, the more subsidy you receive.

1960 – 1980 → income per person increased by 30+% in Mexico & Africa
1980 – 2000 → income per person decreased 7%

Are Free Trade agreements to blame?

It costs less to produce corn in the US corporate farms than anywhere else in the world.

Hunger is a symptom of poverty & inequality

The most efficient, productive, & sustainable farms in the world are small farms

The FDA doesn’t require the health testing of genetically altered food

In the past 27 years, the median wage in the US has increased 0%.
•    The previous 27 years it increased 80%.
•    Middle class & poor are making the same wage, despite increases in cost of living
•    The corporations keep the increased profits, without passing it along to workers

Book – “When Corporations Rule the World”

Community Owned Agriculture – sustain about 25 people

Small farms (variety of crops) are 200 – 1,000% more productive than mono-crop corporate farms.

Food Security – the ability for a community (town / county / state / country) to feed itself


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