Mexico By The Numbers

Ross Gandy, a sociology professor at UNAM in Mexico City, spoke to us tonight about some of the problems facing Mexico. I present the numbers to you, free from comment (which will be forthcoming).

• 1,000,000 Mexicans each year try to cross the boarder into Mexico
• Mexico City has the highest pollution index in the world
• 4 million people have no toilet
• 30 million people live in the country-side
• 1/2 the water is toxic
• 1/3 the country has diabetes
• Mexicans drink more soft drinks per person than any other country in the world
• 1/2 the Mexicans live 6 1/2 people to a room
• 1/2 all electricity in Mexico is free
• 1/2 the people have access to a TV
• 1.5% of Mexicans buy a newspaper
• 4% of Mexicans ever buy a book
• 40 million people haven’t passed 6th grade
• 8 million have never been to school
• Middle class professionals make about $400 US each month
• 70% of Mexicans make less than $10 US per day
• 1 million deceased Mexicans cast a vote for President Calderon in the 2006 election
• The hourly minimum wage in Mexico is 50-cents
• Mexico’s Main Exports
1. Mexicans → $20 billion was sent from Mexicans in the US to their families
2. Oil
3. Tequila

Your comments and reflections are encouraged!


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