Thoughts From Mexico

It’s the end of Day 2 on my pilgrimage to Mexico City.  So far, much of the trip has been familiar to me.  This is my 4th time leading a group of youth and adults from Windsor Heights Lutheran Church on this cultural immersion experience.  We are in the very capable hands of Pastor Kim Erno, Pastor Heidi Torgerson, and the rest of the staff at Centro Luterano.

Today we visited the Zocalo, or city center, in Mexico City.  We saw the amazing murals of Diego Rivera, which depict his perspective on Mexican history.  Kim does a magnificent job of describing what is going on in these massive paintings.  We also stopped in the National Cathedral, which was holding Sunday mass at the time, so we didn’t stay long.  After lunch, we went to the Templo Mayor, which are the ruins of the Aztec temples destroyed by Cortez in the 1500s.  In the evening, we attended Catholic mass (in Spanish)…and were asked to sing a song for the congregation.  They even allowed us to participate in the Eucharist, which is very progressive for that denomination.

Tomorrow we are embarking on a new adventure for me.  We’ll be spending the rest of the week in Cuernavaca, which is about 50 miles south of Mexico City.  I’m told it’s a beautiful city, and I’m very excited to visit there.  Part of me is nervous, though, because I am no longer the “resident expert” of the group.  Hopefully there is wi-fi so I can continue to post blogs and stay in touch with my family.

Vaya con dios!


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