Immigration Reform in Iowa

Many of you are aware of the Postville raid that took place earlier this year.  I, for one, am a bit torn on this issue.  My head tells me that if people are willingly breaking the law, and are fully informed of the consequences, then we should not feel sorry for them when they are apprehended.  My heart, however, tells me that we are to welcome the stranger in our midst, even if they are disobeying stupid rules.

This is clearly an over-simplification of the issue (and my feelings pertaining to such), and I’m not prepared to offer a dissertation on my feelings about immigration issues.  Maybe another day…

However, I will say that there’s an informative podcast for you to check out on the Americas Voice Online site.  It’s about 45 minutes in length, and features four religious leaders in Iowa offering their insights on the issue.  (Of particular interest, my dad can be heard at the 15:40 mark.)  The speakers get better as the podcast progresses…and there are some technical difficulties that plague the first 5 minutes.  All that said, it’s refreshing to hear intelligent discourse from a predominantly “liberal” perspective.

If you’d rather not listen to the podcast, here is an article the Des Moines Register about the conference call, and a heart-tugging article in the New York Times.

I welcome your comments on this topic.  I’m sure I’ll have other perspectives to offer after I return from Mexico.


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