Running on Empty

Anyone who knows me is aware that I like to run. The problem is, over the course of the last 3,500 days I have probably run 350 of them. This means that, despite all my talk about loving to run, I barely tithe my time to running. Somewhere, the God of the universe who knows me better than anyone, gets a kick out of this. (God also probably wonders why I tithe my time to running and not my money…to which I have no reply, other than “I’m working on it”.)

All that said, I am currently in a mini-stretch of running. My friend, JP, and I are preparing for the Dam to Dam race in a couple of weeks. In preparing for this, I find myself running a lot of different routes around the Capitol City. Almost always at the completion of a run, I wonder “how far did I run today” – which prompts me to either guess how long it was (which is almost always wrong) or get in my car and drive the route I just ran. The latter choice is becoming increasingly impractical, since I’m going to be taking out a home equity loan next month to pay for gas.

This may explain my excitement for this kickass site, which allows you to draw lines on a Google Map and calculates the distance, down to the .01 of a mile. My long national nightmare is over!

So, if you see a large albino-looking redhead clip-clopping through the streets of Des Moines, be assured that, yes, I do know how far I’m running.


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