Monday Morning Links

A couple of links to motivate my vast reading audience on a Monday morning:

The first one is a summary of the absurd process members of the Democratic party have imposed on the country for the last 18 months.  It’s just over 7 minutes long…and it’s both interesting and funny.

The second one is a neat story my dad passed along to me last week.  I’m a sucker for sappy sports stories, so this was right up my alley.

And a bonus link…I just watched “Anchorman” last night for the second time last night.  Pure…comedic…genius.  Have some fun checking out these clips.  (Be mindful, the content is a solid PG-13 in most of these links.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


3 Responses to Monday Morning Links

  1. Houtsly says:

    Wow-that softball story was great. I broke my knee playing softball. Sounds like the same injury-only my team carried me to the dugout-where three minutes later, I was inches from being hit by a foul ball. Not a good day. They replaced my ACL with one from a dead guy.

    Church League Softball Team Registration: $350
    Ball Glove and Cleats: $125
    Knee surgery: $30,000
    Advil: $20

    A month of playing Halo 2: Priceless

  2. That video on the Democratic process was pretty good. I saw if a couple of days ago.

    That softball story was awesome.

  3. erik carlson says:

    i think i read that they’re planning an Anchorman 2

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