Feeding My Family

It’s a sad day for sports fans in the city of Des Moines.  Head men’s basketball coach at Drake University, Keno Davis, left for Providence College.  The Friars are going to pay him a guaranteed $7,000,000 for 7 years.

I’m personally disappointed that Drake lost its National Coach of the Year after only one year of service.  While it’s unlikely to imagine that the Bulldogs would have captured the lightening in a bottle for a second season, it would have been fun to watch them try.  Keno is a very good (not quite great) head coach.  I think Drake will struggle to find a quality replacement for him.

Providence more than quadrupled his current salary with this deal, and gave him a national stage in a BCS conference to show what he’s made of.  Personally, I think this is a no-brainer for Keno…and I wish him well.

On the way home from work, a guy called in to a local radio station and said that Keno has to worry about “providing for his family”, which is why he supported Keno’s decision.  It reminded me of Latrell Spreewell’s claim that $10 million per year wasn’t enough to feed his family.

This morning at staff meeting we spent time discussing Acts 2:41-47; specifically the implications of what it means to “live in community” in the 21st century.  The story of the early Christians living together, sharing everything, and having all things in common seems to fly in the face the notion that accumulating wealth translates into providing for your family.  Perhaps it’s in all of our best interest to discern what kinds of things we are really PROVIDING for our families.


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