One Month Running

(Disclaimer: this post will be more than just a little self-indulgent)

Today marks one month since I started running…again…for the first time.  It’s been two years since I regularly ran.  A lot has happened in that time – new house, new baby, 45 pounds…you get the picture.  Though I’m still plodding along at a pace that’s closer to 9:00 and 8:00 per mile, I’m really starting to feel good.  My running buddy, JP, is kicking my ass every day, but neither of us seem to mind too much.  Tomorrow we’re going to do 5 miles.  Two years ago, this wouldn’t have been such a big deal.  However, I’m getting old (29 years tomorrow) and have moved from “overweight” to “obese” in the last year.  Here’s hoping I live to tell about it.

I promise to have something more thought-provoking and intriguing next time I write.  My apologies to the 2-3 people that have endured this post.  I realize that reading someone tell about their exercise routine is about as interesting as hearing someone talk about their fantasy football team or their rectal exam.

In other news, I got my first birthday present yesterday – a bobble-head Buddy Christ that now sits atop my office printer.

“Jesus didn’t come to give us the willies, he came to help us out!  How could you not feel just great walking into a church and seeing this behind the priest – a positive reinforcement that whatever we do, God thinks is ‘a-okay’.”  ~ Cardinal Glick (played by George Carlin) in Dogma


One Response to One Month Running

  1. Bacca says:

    Congrats on the running. It’s been 18 months ago that i joined Healthworks and 14 months since I stopped going. So booo ya. Paper trumps rock.

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