Eyes Opened, Head Pounding

I’m having a reading renaissance this week.  I don’t think I’ve read this much in one week since my over-achieving stint as Hudson Elementary School’s Book It champion of 1986.  (Thanks to the greatest motivation any 7 year old pastor’s kid could have – PIZZA.)  To the utter dismay of my parents, I didn’t read very much in college (hence my abysmal 3.8 GPA).  However, thanks to the help of my new friend, Jake, and the genius of Google Reader, I have been reading tons of good stuff this week.  Most of it has been church-related…mainly so I can justify all this extra reading during the work day.

The one thing that has smacked me in the face is just how closed-minded I’ve become in my refusal to read a wide variety of articles from a broad perspective of writers.  Take this article, for example.  If last month someone would have handed me an article about social justice, penned by a Vineyard pastor, I would have used the paper it was printed on as a substitute for toilet paper.  After all, what could a conservative Christian possibly know about something as radically liberal as caring for the sick, poor, and oppressed?  (Sarcasm intended)

However, thanks to the phenomenon of linking articles within articles, I stumbled across Pastor Nathan’s well-written opus about how social justice is at the core of the Gospel.  Though the content of the piece didn’t say much I didn’t already know, the origins of the article have managed to dash any preconceived notions I once had about certain authors, websites, blogs, etc.  At this point, I might actually turn into a book worm…or, more realistically, start reading a little bit every day.

Just one of many joyful discoveries this week that has opened my eyes and made my head hurt…in a good way.


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